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The Painted Piece - Stockist of CHALK PAINT™ a decroative paint by Annie Sloan
Another successful Keep the Piece Workshop

Find out how easy it is to paint with the
"BEST PAINT IN THE WORLD" Learn the Annie Sloan methods from a trained stockist.  Find out about the ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES this paint has!

Call for dates and more info

Join us and learn how easy and fun it is to transform a metal tray for your home or to give as a gift with Chalk Paint®! Workshop is $40 and includes tray and supplies. For more info on workshop call The Painted Piece 201-970-6618. Learn how versatile Chalk Paint® is! Bring a friend - we supply the magic!

Chalk Paint® 101  $99.00 
call to register: 201-970-6618
This workshop we will cover the basic Annie Sloan Methods.
Four techniques will be taught:
  • Annie's signature two-color distressed finish 
  •  A smooth modern finish
  •  A darkened, more rustic finish
  •  An elegant soft color wash 
These techniques showcase how Chalk Paint® can be used in a number of different ways - just as Annie intended-thick, thin, textured,stippled, overlaid and rubbed through. Includes all materials, a color chart and tip sheet. Call Cathy 201-970-6618 

Chalk Paint® 102 The Next Step $99.00
Learn some special techniques to add to your painted pieces -craqueleur, decoupage, gilding, color mixing, and more! Chalk Paint® 101 required before taking this. Call today only a few spots left 201-970-6618 Ready to Up Your Game? Unlimited Possibilities!

Keep Calm and Keep the Piece! $99.00 
Bring in a piece you found at a garage sale, auction or in your basement. It must be small enough to carry in by yourself in one trip!  Pick out a 4oz. pot of your color choice and learn to paint and wax it. You'll be able to go home with your completed piece! 

Mini Chalk Paint® 101 $45.00
A quick workshop for those excited to get started. You will learn one technique on a board provided so you can go home armed and ready to paint and wax your own piece alone! You can do it! Call Cathy 201-970-6618 to register. 

Mini Wax  $45
Learn about proper wax techniques so you can go home confident and ready to finish your piece. 

Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets!  $99.00 
Learn how easy and inexpensive it is to transform your kitchen cabinets. Bring a cabinet door. We will go over degreasing cabinets and basic painting techniques as well as waxing. $99.00. Call Cathy 201-970-6618

Wax on Wax Off!!!  $65.00
See how to properly wax your piece. Loose your fear of dark wax. Explore all the things you can do with wax for another layer of finish! Call Cathy to set up a class. $65  2 hours.

Garden Pots in Annie's Bold Bright Colors  $35.00
Paint a clay pot for your garden…Add some color where it's needed in your garden! Learn about using Chalk Paint® to brighten things up outside. Materials and pot included.  1.5 hours. 

Revamp Your Lamp  $55.00
Bring your own lamp and RELIGHT IT with Chalk Paint®  

YOU'VE BEEN FRAMED!!!  $45.00 
Paint, stencil and wax a wood frame then add a smaller coordinating  painted frame on top to use for a picture, mirror or message board. Includes all materials.

Painted table runner, floor cloth or placemats coming soon! Are you interested?? We are working out the details. Stay tuned.

If you have a creative idea for a workshop or have something to bring to the table call me I am open to suggestions as well as visiting artist workshops. I am here to have fun too!!!
The more the merrier. 

Tip your can of paint upside down for 20 minutes before you start so pigments from
bottom of can come down - then stir well.
Sand with 220-320 sand paper in between coats or before waxing for a silky  smooth finish.
Try not to paint everything in your house the first day! LEAVE  SOMETHING  FOR TOMORROW!!!

Be sure to get your information from a stockist! 

If you are interested in a different date, time or class call me and we can schedule one for you. Let's get you painting! 201-970-6618